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First, place the disposable SafKan Tips on the side(s) being cleaned. Next, place the disposable SafKan Pods on the side(s) being cleaned. Then place your SafKan OtoSet over the patient's head, adjusting for a proper fit. Press the "Start" button and let your device run its cycle. Remove from patient, dispose, and repeat if necessary.

After each patient use, just replace the disposable SafKan Tips and Pods on each side of your SafKan OtoSet. You can purchase refill boxes of SafKan Tips and Pods on our website and even subscribe for them to automatically be sent to your practice.

Yes, the SafKan OtoSet is considered a Class I medical device. We are in the process of clinical trials and will begin shipping our devices in early-2018.

Yes, the SafKan OtoSet comes with a 14-day, no questions asked, and hassle-free return policy. This also includes a 1-year Limited Warranty. To learn more contact us.

People behind SafKan

We're an experienced team of biomedical, electrical, and software engineers advised by some of the most innovative physicians and medical entrepreneurs.