Introducing, the SafKan Set for clinical ear care.

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The first automated clinical ear care device

Join our BETA program

The SafKan Set arrives in 2017 and we're accepting entries for our BETA program
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Ear care for the 21st century

Every week 231,000+ Americans have their ears cleaned by physicians. Our SafKan
is the first automated and wearable cerumen removal device.


Designed to reduce complications such as deeper earwax impaction, nausea, perforated ear drums, and other tympanic membrane damage.


Truly the first of its kind. Your SafKan Set is fully automated and wearable, meaning you can go from setup to cleanup in just five minutes.


Automated irrigation and suction allows your SafKan Set to be used by any healthcare worker. Turn this procedure into an efficient one.


Core to your SafKan Set's design, detachable disposable compartments for solution and outflow creates incredible ease, speed, and reuse.

Partnered with the best

Thanks to great partnerships with scientific advisors, industry experts, and medical
resources we are able develop and test new effective technologies.

People behind SafKan

We're an experienced team of biomedical, electrical, and software engineers advised by some of the most innovative otolaryngologists, physicians, and entrepreneurs.